Kaleidoscope Dancers

Kaleidoscope has centres in Ensbury Park, Lilliput and Mudeford, with a range of classes available, including introductory classes for older students needing support before joining regular lessons.

Pre-school lessons are particularly popular and parents are encouraged to watch and support their children.

Membership of Kaleidoscope also provides an opportunity for dancers to visit shows at local theatres and to take part in the termly workshops, where mini performances are staged in a morning. If your child likes painting, sticking and being creative as well as dancing, this may well be just what they’d enjoy!

In Kaleidoscope, we like to think that there is as much emphasis on caring as dancing and performing, with older dancers helping the younger, and all giving their time to bring happiness to special audiences in the community.

A warm welcome awaits all new pupils, or those who just want to find out more.