Kaleidoscope Dancers

Kaleidoscope Dancers dance for fun!

The Kaleidoscope Dancers provide a stress free dance environment for children.

With us they can learn learn a blend of ballet and tap, without the worry of exams, but with all the fun of performing.

Twice yearly shows provide a wonderful focus for their training, and also give something special to the community, as children go out and perform at homes for the elderly, at carnivals, and garden fates.

Children become confident performers, adapting to many different venues and circumstances. Dancing with Kaleidoscope is about making dreams come true – children can perform within weeks of joining, as there is always something exciting on the horizon!

Kaleidoscope also nurtures creativity run workshops several times a year where children stage a show in 2 hours, complete with props and scenery made by themselves!

Our Classes

Kaleidoscope currently offers 5 different levels;

A class for 2 / 2½ years up to school age – 30 minutes of dancing, games and stories leading to an understanding of ballet.

Level One
A fun based class for those starting school up to approx. 6½ years, offering a blend of ballet and tap.

Levels Two, Three & Four
Classes building on Level One and increasing in complexity, depending on age and experience.